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Grant Gee blows.

Well, once again we have a shortage on posts. *Glares at Carl*

So, I just finished watching that Radiohead DVD, so, guess what?

Josh's ranty: the "Meeting People is Easy" DVD.

Meeting People is Easy is a Grant Gee film about Radiohead. One can learn this by looking at the front cover that also warns that YOU ARE A TARGET MARKET. Thanks Stanley Donwood! ;)

Warning- Inside jokes for Radiohead fans are abound in this review, oh yes!

I was very optimistic about this film, I was ready to see the best thing since the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. I mean, I was looking at 95 minutes of concert footage, interviews, and behind-the-scenes shenanigans. What I got was a let down.

What I got was Grant Gee's artsy frikken video-degraded low-fi sound IFC-style film which seemed to be more often about random buildings, busses, and cars than it was about five little Oxford lads I like to call THE BAND THE FRIKKEN DVD IS ABOUT.

Seriously, the guy puts more filler crap in here than actual material. And when there is actual content, the sound and camera work is horrible. It seems like a documentary made for, like, 50 bucks.

Most of the shots of the concerts are just still camera frames centered on Thom's face. No dynamics, hardly any views of the four other guys that make up the band. I mean, it's like the guy fixed the camera to a stand and went to get a beer!

I can't stress how cool this dvd could have been. There's footage of the band on Letterman and all sorts of interviews and concert shots and just some parts of Thom ranting about the radio industry and materialism. This could have been a huge deal for the fans.

But Grant Gee fucked it all up. He fucked it up the ass with the sad minotaur's pitchfork. I mean, REALLY. THAT IS WHY THE MINOTAUR IS CRYING. GRANT GEE FUCKED IT UP THE ASS WITH THE PITCHFORK. Radiohead even tells us this. Go to the website ( And one of the buttons will lead to a little shockwave flashy thing with the sad minotaur and your pointer becomes the pitchfork, and when you put the pitchfork over the minotaur, he cries and moans in pain and when you press the button he howls in terror and agony. HIS MEMORIES OF GRANT GEE PERSIST TO THIS DAY.

My other bitch is that most of the music was from OK Computer, and had Creep twice, and maybe one or two songs from The Bends. Once again, this is ALL GRANT GEE'S FAULT. Although there were parts where they played a couple songs that weren't to be released for years - like How to Disappear Completely - and there were even a few songs that aren't on any major release - like Follow Me Around, and some other tune that Radiohead was working on in the studio that I don't even recognize. These parts were cool.

It's things like that what make the fan perk up and go "yay." Damn you, Grant Gee, because these tiny morsels are just there to remind us of what a huge pile of arty crap this is.

Maybe Stanley Donwood should've made it. That would've been cool. Or interesting at least.

Anyway. Like, if you're a Radiohead fan and you want to be frustrated out of your mind by the mostly-unfulfilled promise of rarity goodness, go to town. But this DVD is really just an exercise in sheer annoyance.

Or maybe I just don't get it. Whatever.

Final Score: 65.
Radiohead is awesome, but.... Yeah, uh, Grant? YOU FAIL. I hope you get the bends, you fucker.

the karma police have arrested Grant Gee for crimes against Radiohead fans. He's been sentenced to watching reruns of Driven- Christina Aguilera.
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