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oooo, scary. ... but not.

We all love the parody flicks. Some of the funniest shit in the world comes out of parody. Look at Weird Al. funny. But most parodies ultimately fall flat. And in that grand tradition here we have...

Scary Movie 3

Don't misunderstand any of this. There are some damn funny parts in Scary Movie 3. Damn. so funny.

But the problem with Scary Movie 3, as with all its predecessors, is that it just doesn't hold together. The film feels like a couple of people watched a bunch of horror flicks, came up with a bunch of hilarious rips for each of them, but then tried to string the jokes for these disparate films together and failed.

Scary Movie 3 just doesn't feel like it has any cohesion. The plot drags and seems to take forever to get anywhere because the movie isn't about plot or characters, it's about throwing some hilarious jokes at you and praying vainly that this will be enough to convince you that it's a movie. It mostly focuses on parodying three films which all had great plots and pacing, and hopes to fool you here too by trying to trick you into feeling the cohesion of those films, and it might be possible to succeed at such a tact, except they strung the movies together poorly.

It mostly rips on Signs, The Ring, and, of all things, 8 Mile. Can anyone explain to me how 8 Mile got in there? That wasn't in any way related to horror films. Maybe they just hated it so much they wanted to make fun of it. Well, they failed at making fun of any of the movies, if that was the attempt. They do succeed at using the general premises of the films as a jump-off point from which they twist and warp the originals into hilarity.

Also, I loved all three of those movies, so I don't really have any patience for making fun of them.

Like I said, it's funny as hell. But the terrible construction of the film gets in the way of enjoying that.

Final Score- 45
It's funny. But that's about all it is. Ebert might say that it succeeds at what it tries to do, but that's no excuse to me for what is basically a funny but poor film. Just because it tries to be shit doesn't get it a thumbs-up from me.
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