Joshua (dragonguyver) wrote in spadortch,

new member.

Everyone welcome our new reviewer, vivian_shaw

Upon reading her really cool post about "Blood for Dracula", I realized she was prime Spadortch material, and immediately invited her to join.

This place has been dead, you see, for Carl has lost his internet access. Yeah, sucks. So, when I saw this post at Vivian's journal, I realized I had an opportunity to bring some new blood here.

Carl and I created this place for us, because we have this dynamic and we're both big on talking about, you know, anything. But we always considered it a possibility in the future to bring in people who we thought were intelligent, opinionated, and could bring something new to the table. So... hooray for Vivian! Three cheers and shit.

Now let's see if she accepts the invite, hahaha.
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