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so fucking stupid. I am sick of the shitty formulaic goddamn hollywood horror movies. And to think, for a moment, Carl and I entertained the hope that it was about Spider-Man's nemesis. Pft.

A Scanner Darkly
Woot! Phil K Dick! Always good. This film looks like it's using the same animation technique as Waking Life. That's pretty cool. I don't believe I need to mention how cool it is that Keanu Reeves is starring. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it.

V for Vendetta
HOLY SHIT! Wachowski Brothers are behind it! And it's like some kind of 1984 sequel? Anyway. HOLY FUCK!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
I was highly disappointed with the previous film, and unless this one is like five hours long, it can only do the book shame. I will definitely see it, to see how well they condense 750 pages into a feature film. I really can't wait for movie #5, though. LOL. That one's an even longer book.

The Skeleton Key
Hey, this actually seems scary. Some pretty creepy shit here. CARL! Come check this one out!

Joss Whedon's non-Buffy brainchild comes to the big screen. I hear tell of many nerds who are very excited. It looks like it oughtta be good. Is it me, or does Joss Whedon have a thing for superhuman hot chicks who kick lots of guy ass? Closet masochist.

George A Romero's Land of the Dead
I still can't believe I missed this while it was in theaters. FUCK. Romero is god. Him and Kevin Smith and a couple other guys make, like, this really sweet movie pantheon. Rock.

King Kong
Despite the fact that this is another example of hollywood's becoming a big goddamn recycling factory, it looks like it may have some redeeming qualities. Like Adrian Brody, Jack Black and Peter Jackson. We'll see.

The Chronicles of Narnia
Will everyone please shut up about this fuckin movie? C.S. Lewis is a big steaming cock. It ain't goddamn LotR, and it ain't even near being Harry Potter. Just get over it. It's just a fucking fundie masking christian parables in fantasy adventure. I know all about C.S. Lewis, and he sucks. As far as thinkers of his time go, I'll take Freud, thank you and goodnight. Anyway, it's from Disney, so, yeah.
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