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revolution strange

When I first saw (thanks to coryrain) what Nintendo's new console controller looked like, I didn't know what to think. It seemed utterly retarded at a glance. And then I read about it, and I started to think, "well maybe..."

The Nintendo Revolution Controller

take a long look, my friends. For that is the primary method of interacting with Nintendo's next generation console, and every game it will include. Pretty funny, ain't it? Seems laughable at first.

The rundown: It's wireless and rectangular. It's got a d-pad at the top, a big "Do" button labeled A, and a trigger-style B button. There are start, home, and select buttons in a row. Now below that, is a horizontal row also labeled "a" and "b". Finally, a bank of lights to remind you which freaking player you are. Doesn't seem like any game controller I'm familliar with. Really, it seems like a glorified DVD remote!

But it is more than it seems.

Do you realize that this little wand contains some of the highest-end motion detection tech available commercially? This is not the controller we know of the past; a fickle, static thing, forcing you to press arbitrary buttons to get different reactions in the digital playground. No, this device is all at once an old-school controller, a sword, a gun, a fishing rod, an air hockey paddle, and more.

In a shooting game, moving the remote closer to the screen can cause it to enlarge the image, give you like a sniper effect. Revolutionary? Seems pretty much so to me!

Is this what I expect to play with when I load up a video game? No. Will it take me and many other long-time hardcore gamers a while to get used to? Yes. And will it bring people into gaming that never would have, with all the crazy 16-button controllers that define the medium? Oh yes, just like Shigeru intends.

Now it's likely we won't be seeing a lot of the games that Carl and I typically enjoy being played on this thing. It effectively has two buttons, vastly reducing the playability of many multi-function games we like. Street Fighter? Not any time soon, not in any way we're familiar with, anyway. A Halo-killer? Ehhh... kinda doubt it. The button layout just seems improbable to me, but I'm looking to see what they do with it.

But what is so cool about the Revolution is all the new types of games possible with this setup. Much like the DS with it's analogous dual screens, and stylus controller. I'm excited. That's what a revolution is supposed to be about, right? A breaking down of the old way, and a new and exciting way in its place. woot! I've seen a few trying to claim this is some kind of death knell for Nintendo. Pshaw, I say.

Final Score: 90

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