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Good Night and Good Luck
Ladies and gentlemen, watch for this movie! Robyn and I saw the trailer yesterday when we went to see Lord of War, and we were very, very excited. It's a film taking place during the worst years of McCarthyism, and focuses on six american newsreporters who challanged him. It looks to be a true story, and uses real archived footage of McCarthy's speeches. David Strathairn is fucking perfect for his role, and the rest of the cast is goddamn spectacular. I think this could potentially be one of the most important films that could come out right now. We're gonna see it.
Release date: October 7th
Score: 97/100

Broken Flowers
I saw the poster for this one and was immediately excited. I've been very pleased with Murray's work in the past few years, particularly Lost in Translation. I think he's really hitting the golden years of his career. Anyway, this is about an aging man who was a real Don Juan in his younger years, who receives a note from one of his past lovers that she gave birth to his son years ago. The problem is, the letter is unsigned and he has no idea who it might be from. It looks cute and authentic. I wanna see it. It's in theaters right now, so catch it as soon as you can if you're going to.
Release date: August 5th
Score: 90/100

North Country
This doesn't look bad at all. A very nice cast, and a decent story too. It's about female workers rights, and stuff that happened at a mine in 1989. So, check out the trailer if that sounds like your bag. I might see the movie
Release date: October
Score: 80/100

The Ringer
Ahhh, that looks hilarious! Johnny Knoxville (always a plus) plays a defunct track runner who is convinced into playing retard to enter the Special Olympics. Lots of retarded kids here, friends, and surely not the most PC of humor, if you think it will offend, stay away!
Release date: Undeclared
Score: 85/100

Superman Returns
Warning: this video takes forever to load, and runs about 8 minutes or so, I think... Bryan Singer's video blog shows some footage from the upcoming trailer, presented at Comic Con.
Release Date: June or something, 2006
Score: I'm Interested

Also, a Something Positive fan-made movie. I liked it good, so if you are a fan of the webcomic (and if you're not, what the fuck are you doing at Spadortch?), then it is definitely worth a look.
Score: 85/100
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