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Meat on a stick. Also, a movie.

Meat on a stick is good. Definitely. The Chinese were onto something with that, methinks. Therefore, teriyaki. I mean, come on, you've got a stick with meat on it! So you can hold it with one hand as you bite into the meat. Leaving the other hand free for numerous things: driving, holding a cigarette, masturbation, killing someone with an uzi... all sorts of fantastic unidextrous things.

And it's so great, once you're finished with the meat, you have before you a tasty all-purpose stick, with which you can do many things: clean your teeth of that teriyaki, push tiny buttons, light on fire, or shove into the eyeball of an attacking ninja. See, now that's like the only thing Kill Bill was missing.

Which brings us to Kill Bill.


Kill Bill is awesome. Under the definition of awesome it would say "see: Kill Bill." Which is what you should do right now, see Kill Bill. Oh, you have already? That doesn't make you exempt! IN NO WAY does this make you exempt! fucker!

do you like blood? oh yes, blood is our friendly friend, I like to call him Moe. Moe is featured quite prominently in several scenes of Kill Bill. In very cool ways. Quentin is good with Moe. I understand they go way back.

cool animation is good too, and has a great little sequence within this film. happy cool.

some cool Japanese things in the movie too. One scene in particular illustrates Japanese quirkiness. ha. no DDR scene, though, like in WASABI.

As always, Tarantino is overflowing with style. it's in the clothing, the tools, and in the shots. oh, and in the killing. killing is always stylish with Tarantino. Some very unique music is used to great effect, hearkening to cheesy 70s action flicks in that good way that makes you smile because you know someone's about to die.

And there's funny stuff, too.

lots of swearing.

good acting.

To sum it up... remember House of the Dead? How terrible that was? House of the Dead is the movie you see when you no longer find joy in film. It's so bad you can recognize good movies again. Kill Bill is somehow on the other end of this eldritch non-Euclidean spectrum in this odd way where it isn't the movie that is so good you hate everything else, it's like the smell of nicely baked cookies that's so refreshing after a long day of working in the sewer... for 12 years.

final score.. um... good? Arbitrary number?... 97.
Kill Bill is good, it's meat-on-a-stick good. We look forward to the next movie.
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