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what a cast!

National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 has pretty much the funniest cast ever.

Emilio Estevez ... Sgt. Jack Colt
Samuel L. Jackson ... Sgt. Wes Luger
Jon Lovitz ... Becker
Tim Curry ... Mr. Jigsaw
Frank McRae ... Captain Doyle
William Shatner ... Gen. Curtis Mortars
Bill Nunn ... Police Photographer
James Doohan ... Scotty
Richard Moll ... Prison Attendant
F. Murray Abraham ... Dr. Harold Leacher
Charlie Sheen ... Gern, Parking Valet
Denis Leary ... Mike McCracken
Denise Richards ... Cindy #1 (as Denise Lee Richards)
Corey Feldman ... Young Trigger-Happy Cop
Phil Hartman ... Officer Davis
Erik Estrada ... Himself
Larry Wilcox ... Himself
Whoopi Goldberg ... Sgt. Billy York (uncredited)
Christopher Lambert ... Man with Car Phone (uncredited)
Bruce Willis ... John McClane (uncredited)

Let's talk movies with great casts. You're next.
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american splendor (this is a drunken reply, maybe i think of something better when sober. ))
wow you're drunk. it's a good movie, of course.... Giamatti pretty much carries the film which of course would be necessary... the guy who did Bob Crumb did a really good job too. And OHHH man the guy who did Toby! fuck! that guy was amazing.